General Ecology

Environmental issues in the Zone are not all about radiation pollution.

The long period of the absence of a human factor in certain large sections of the exclusion zone creates favorable conditions for the deployment of general ecology research.

There are also some issues that have no direct relation to radiation contamination of the area, but may be of an interest to scientists-ecologists. Within the borders of the exclusion zone there has been created an ecological-radiation biosphere reserve, which is subject to environmental legislation. Rivers and lakes, forests and vegetation, artificial reservoirs, climate change, and human activity form a complex conglomerate that needs to be studied and professionally managed.

General ecology research directions:

Ecological research of flora and fauna within the borders of the biosphere reserve.
Creation of a research base for environmental measures, including a number of species included in the Red Data Book of Ukraine.

Investigation of the potential and rate of natural revitalization of the exclusion zone.