Physical security and protection

From a physical protection standpoint, the materials stored in the Zone may interest third parties seeking to use them for illegal purposes nowadays. Controlling bodies and state security exert a tremendous effort to eliminate any possibility of seizure of radioactive materials from storage facilities and their use by criminals.

The main source of difficulties here is how widely the radioactive materials are spread across the territory. Besides, along with the development of ionizing radiation source identification technologies, the means for concealing radioactive materials are created too. Therefore, it is a matter of national importance to create mechanisms that could counteract the unauthorized movement of radioactive materials.

Physical security and protection research directions:

  • Radioactive waste management facility improvement projects, the creation of a recommendations list based on analytical reports regarding the effectiveness of existing radioactive waste management facilities.
  • Development of up-to-date procedures for interaction between the population and staff and state regulators.

The recommendations obtained during the research will help create support mechanisms for combating unauthorized use of radioactive materials.