Campaign for pilot collection of IRSs in Dnipropetrovsk Region completed

Chornobyl Research and Development Institute has completed a campaign for pilot collection of ionizing radiation sources in Dnipropetrovsk Region. An ad hoc mobile radiological laboratory equipped with modern certified dosimetry equipment worked in Dnipropetrovsk, Verkhniodniprovsk, Kamianske, Marhanets, Nikopol, Pokrov, Zhovte Vody and Kryvyi Rih.   

The fieldwork of radiological safety specialists within the project „STEP to Safety” was diverse. Meetings with citizens were held at locations in central districts agreed with local authorities, leaflets were distributed explaining how to behave and notify competent authorities in case of IRS detection, and applications for radiological inspection of property, facilities and structures were collected. Specialists inspected more than ten facilities. No significant or harmful anthropogenic radiation was detected.

Laboratory experts also held lectures with senior students of two comprehensive schools in Pokrov and Zhovti Vody using materials for children and teenagers developed within the project. The students were familiarized with modern research equipment. 

Thanks to smooth cooperation with the Regional Civil Defence Administration, in most towns lectures were organized for the managers and staff members of local rescue task forces and specialists of local civil defence administrations. By doing so, the project also achieved the objective concerning the awareness raising and training of specialists who are among the first to arrive at sites where radioactive objects are detected and who are engaged in the liquidation of local radiation accidents. 

Besides, the stationing of the laboratory in the towns was covered by mass media that reported about the aim and objectives of the project, as well as activities involving citizens and communities. Overall, the awareness raising campaign was supported by the majority of local authorities who helped distribute informational materials through self-government divisions, communal enterprises and public transport. The organizational and methodological experience gained during the campaign will be used in the planning and organization of other campaigns dealing with nuclear and radiological safety.