Radioactive waste (RAW) management infrastructure

Improvement and development of the existing infrastructure, finding ways of fully engaging it in addressing the consequences of the accident, and management of other radioactive materials in Ukraine are all important factors in the development of the Zone.

                Within the framework of international technical assistance projects, the following facilities have been constructed and partially commissioned: Liquid RAW Processing Plant, Industrial Complex for Solid RAW Management, and Vector Complex, designed for RAW reprocessing and disposal, as well as long-term storage for highly active and long-lived RAW.

                In the current situation, the development of specific facilities and complexes in the Zone is a complex and multifaceted task that requires major engineering and organizational investment. The strategic goal of these measures is to create an efficient and modern nationwide radioactive waste management system within the Zone, including long-term storage and disposal facilities.

                Another direction of infrastructure development is the construction of the Central Storage for Spent Nuclear Fuel and the Storage for High-level Radioactive Waste, both integral elements of the national system of energy independence.